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Consulting Services for Aging Adults

How We Can Help

With nearly a decade’s worth of expertise in the healthcare industry, we have been dedicated to educating clients on a wide array of healthcare services, including Home Health, Hospice, Personal Care, and Physician support. Our experience includes crafting tailored solutions for clients from various healthcare settings, such as hospitals and doctor’s offices, as well as individuals residing in Independent and Assisted Living communities and private homes. We are profoundly passionate about sharing our knowledge, aiming to empower you to make informed and impactful decisions.


Guidance in matters of home health, hospice, and personal care. 

Custom Approach

How to navigate and create your own unique care plan.


Guidance on complete healthcare planning for you or a loved one.


How to navigate family communication throughout the process.


Placement and understanding of why one would use these services.


Referrals of services and trusted resources to utilize.

How it Works

Step 01

To get started, click the link below to schedule your free 15-minute consultation call. Please fill out the form with your name, number, email, and a brief description of how we can assist you.

Step 02

After you select a date in our schedule, you will receive an email with details of our consulting time. Don’t forget to click the accept button.

Step 03

After that, we will give you a call on the day and time that was selected for our consultation.

Step 04

After our free consultation, we will send a thank you email with the links for you to book your in-depth future consultation.

Schedule a Free 15-Min Call

We would love to hear more about what you’re looking for and how we can help. Schedule your call below.

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Benefits of Working with Our Team

We have a decade of experience working with aging adults.

We navigate this journey with you to make the process less frustrating.

We are independent consultants not affiliated with any healthcare entities.

We provide a compassionate and understanding approach.

We help you create a customized approach to meet your unique needs.

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Connect-Empower offers a wide range of paid resources to empower elderly individuals and their families in navigating their healthcare and making informed choices for their future.

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