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Supportive Guides and Materials

Guidance to help aging adults and caregivers navigate the healthcare world.

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Connect-Empower offers a wide range of paid resources to empower aging adults and their families in navigating their healthcare and making informed choices for their future. Whether it’s understanding medical options, managing care, or planning for long-term, our resources aim to empower and educate the elderly and their families, enabling them to make confident and informed decisions regarding their health and well-being.

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The Complete Personal Information Book for You And Your Support System

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The Complete Checklist of Essential Information to Prepare for All Doctor's Appointments

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The Complete Guide: How to Transition from Your Current Home and Your Options

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Questions to Ask Personal Care, Fitness, and Nutrition Specialists

Questions to Ask Hospice, Palliative Care, and Medicine Management

Questions to Ask Home Health, House Call, and Out-Patient Physical Therapists

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As one ages, learning doesn’t have to be scary or boring. We make it fun while inspiring you to take control of how you choose to live for the remainder of your years. Think longevity!

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