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Ever Wonder What Happens When the Curtain Closes? (But Not in a Scary Way!)

Life is beautiful, chaotic, and…well, it ends eventually. But hear me out, what if we could make that ending a little more peaceful, a little more supported for ourselves and our loved ones? ️

That’s where the amazing folks called end-of-life doulas come in! They’re not doctors (although they work closely with them), they’re more like guides on this final journey. Think of them as doulas for your soul’s transition. ✨

In this episode of “Connect-Empower,” we meet Janice Lombardo, a real-life end-of-life doula with a heart of gold. She’ll share some incredible stories about the compassionate care she provides during this sensitive time. (Get ready for some serious inspiration!)

Uncover 5 key tips to help you navigate end-of-life care with an end-of-life doula by your side.

These are the things NO ONE tells you, but can make a world of difference:

How to start those tough conversations (without freaking everyone out!)

Don’t wait! Start those conversations about end-of-life wishes with your loved ones NOW. It may feel awkward, but trust me, open communication is key to peace of mind for everyone.

Finding the perfect end-of-life doula (because the right fit matters!)

Websites like can connect you with end-of-life doulas in your area. Plus, there are amazing checklists like “Before and After Someone Dies” to help you stay on track.

Creating a rock-solid plan (so everyone knows what to expect)

Create a plan that outlines medical preferences, funeral arrangements, and legal documents. This will take a huge weight off your shoulders later.

Dealing with all the feels (grief, fear, it’s all valid!)

It’s okay to not be okay. This journey is packed with emotions – grief, fear, even anger. Let yourself feel them all, and know that support is available. Don’t bottle it up! Tears are a natural part of the process. Talking it out with a trusted friend, family member, or therapist can help you navigate the emotional rollercoaster.

Having a backup plan B (because life, uh, finds a way!)

End-of-life doulas like Janice are there to guide and support you and your family. They can help with planning, emotional support, and finding resources.

Look, this isn’t about making light of a serious topic. It’s about empowerment and preparation. By being proactive and open, we can ensure our loved ones have the care and respect they deserve. ❤️

So, hit that play button, grab a tissue (or two!), and let’s talk about making the end a little less scary and a whole lot more empowered!

P.S. Feeling lost? Don’t be! We’ve got resources galore to help you find the support you need. Reach out, explore your options, and remember you’re not alone!

If you enjoyed this conversation with Janice as much as we did, check out her Website, LinkedIn, Facebook.

Janice is also giving all our listeners her “Before/After a Death Occurs – A Checklist for free! All you need to do is email Janice HERE ( and in the subject line type: Connect-Empower Gift.

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