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We hope you’re ready to put your best foot forward because today we’re diving into an enlightening podcast episode that will leave you feeling “toe-tally” inspired. In this episode, hosts John and Erin chat with Cindy Jorgensen, owner of Tending Toes, a medically-based nail salon. They discuss the importance of foot care for aging adults and provide valuable insights and tips on how to keep your feet happy and healthy. Let’s put our best foot forward and embark on a journey to discover how we can shower some ‘sole’ love on our truly ‘heel’-thy and fabulous feet!

Get ready to be captivated by Cindy Jorgensen, a passionate expert in medical foot care, who shares her remarkable journey from the medical field to becoming a certified medical pedicurist. Her unwavering enthusiasm for helping people with their foot care needs is nothing short of inspiring.

The Difference Between Medical and Salon Pedicurists:

Cindy explains the crucial distinction between medical pedicurists and salon pedicurists. While regular salons may not be equipped to handle diabetic foot care, certified medical pedicurists like Cindy and her team at Tending Toes are trained to provide specialized care. They use diabetic-approved products and techniques to ensure the safety and well-being of their clients. Cindy highlights the potential dangers of certain products used in regular salons and emphasizes the importance of seeking out certified medical pedicurists for diabetic foot care.

Questions to Ask and Finding the Right Care

If you’re an aging adult seeking foot care, John and Erin provide helpful advice on finding the right medical pedicurist. They suggest asking about licensing, experience, and training. Cindy adds that researching online for certified master pedicurists through the North American School of Pedology is a great way to find qualified professionals across the United States. It’s essential to ask questions and ensure that the pedicurist understands your specific needs.

The Importance of Foot Care

Our hosts and guests emphasize the significance of foot care for aging adults. They discuss how foot issues can impact overall health, including knee and hip pain caused by gait changes due to foot problems. Cindy encourages individuals to seek foot care before considering surgeries or treatments for other joint issues. Taking care of our feet is essential as they are the foundation of our bodies.

Taking Charge of Your Foot Health

Cindy shares valuable insights on how our feet change as we age. She explains that damage from activities like running, wearing improper shoes, and even wearing high heels can lead to foot issues later in life. Our feet are susceptible to changes in tendons, ligaments, and arches, which can cause bunions, hammer toes, and fallen arches. Cindy emphasizes the importance of recognizing these changes and seeking professional care.

The Role of Medical Pedicurists

Cindy and her team at Tending Toes provide comprehensive foot care services. They conduct thorough medical charting, offer personalized advice, and recommend products to address specific foot issues. Their goal is to ensure clients receive the best care possible. They work closely with podiatrists and other medical professionals to provide maintenance foot care and help clients maintain healthy feet between visits.

Affordability and Insurance Coverage

John and Erin address concerns about the cost of foot care. While prices may vary depending on the salon, Cindy explains that some insurance companies cover maintenance foot care. Clients can inquire with their insurance providers to determine coverage. Tending Toes also offers in-home care for those who are homebound, ensuring accessibility for all.

As we gracefully age, the need to care for our feet becomes increasingly evident. This episode with Cindy Jorgensen shines a brilliant spotlight on the importance of seeking professional foot care from certified medical pedicurists. So, start asking the right questions, find the perfect care, and take charge of your foot health. It’s time to embrace your “toe-tally” awesome feet and stride confidently into a future filled with foot care and well-being!

If you enjoyed this conversation with Cindy as much as we did, visit her website at or give them a call at 208.853.TOES (8637).

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