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Hey there, fellow travelers! We want to share with you an exciting conversation we had with Lisseth Eskenazi, a travel agent extraordinaire who specializes in helping aging adults plan their dream vacations. Trust us, you’re in for a treat!

So, picture this: We are sitting down with Lisseth, I’m sipping on water, I know boring, and John is having his morning coffee, and we dive right into the world of travel. Lisseth, with her infectious energy, starts off by telling us about her background and how she ended up in the sunny state of Florida. We bond over our love for travel and the beauty of exploring new places.

As the conversation unfolds, Lisseth shares some invaluable tips for aging adults who are looking to embark on their own travel adventures. She emphasizes the importance of safety and ensuring that the destinations they choose are suitable for their age and mobility. Lisseth also highlights the significance of relaxation and the need for downtime during trips.

Naturally, we can’t help but ask Lisseth about the questions aging adults should ask when booking a trip. She mentions the importance of knowing if the place is safe, the availability of accommodations for those with disabilities, and the variety of tours and activities offered. Lisseth’s main goal is to make sure her clients have a worry-free experience, allowing them to focus on enjoying their time with family and creating lasting memories.

As our conversation continues, Lisseth shares some insider tips on the best time to book trips and save money. She advises booking in advance to secure better prices and offers the option of paying in installments, making it easier on the budget. Lisseth also stresses the importance of travel insurance, which provides peace of mind and protects against unexpected events or health issues.

We then delve into the topic of accessible travel options for aging adults with mobility challenges. Lisseth recommends river cruises as a fantastic choice, as they offer a safe and easygoing experience with everything taken care of. She also mentions the availability of ADA-accessible rooms, accommodations, and transportation options for those with special needs.

Of course, safety is a top concern for any traveler, and Lisseth provides some valuable insights, such as a free service airports provide to help ease your anxiety. She advises learning about the destination, being aware of potential scams, and ensuring reliable transportation arrangements. Lisseth also highlights the importance of travel insurance in case of emergencies or unexpected situations.

As our conversation draws to a close, Lisseth reminds us that travel is for everyone, regardless of age or budget. She encourages solo travelers, women, and those with specific interests to explore the world and embrace new experiences. Lisseth’s passion for travel shines through as she assures us that there’s a trip out there for everyone, tailored to their preferences and budget.

So, my fellow wanderers, let’s take Lisseth’s advice to heart and start planning our next adventure. Whether it’s a river cruise, a foodie tour, or a dance-filled getaway, there’s a world of possibilities waiting for us. And remember, with the help of a knowledgeable travel agent like Lisseth, we can navigate the world with confidence and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Until next time, happy travels, and keep exploring.

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John & Erin

If you enjoyed this conversation with Lisseth as much as we did, you can connect with her through email at AAA Travel Agency or call her at 772.770.3829 directly.